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The importance of KPI’s in recruitment

Categories: Best practice.
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Recruiters are always looking for the best candidates. It is important to keep your cost per hire as low as possible. But you also want a candidate with a high quality of hire. The challenge is to keep the right balance between the cost per hire and quality of hire; two of the most important […]

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Why you should use ATS and talent pools in your recruitment process

Posted by

Your recruitment process starts when your vacancy goes live. There are many tricks and tools to recruit candidates in an effective way. How can Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and talent pools help you to optimize this process?  ATS By using different recruitment channels, like job boards, social media channels, CV databases, like LinkedIn and Indeed […]

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6 tips to choose the right ATS

Categories: Tips & tricks.
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If you are looking for the right ATS to optimize your recruitment process, you have to know where you are looking for, how the system fits in your hiring plan. What is the main reason to use an ATS and what are the issues? 1. What does your recruiting process look like in the future? […]

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