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Bill Boorman

I never wear a suit and I always wear a hat. I was the first person in the UK to register a business with @ in the name when I launched @BillBoorman in 2009. I’ve always worked in and around recruiting for the last 30 years or so. I think others would describe me as challenging the norm in most of what I do. I take a different approach to recruiting and networking.

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Bill Boorman

Posted by Bill Boorman

The old filing cabinet

Posted by

When I started in recruitment running a desk, no one had their own CV because no one had a word processor. They might have had a typewriter with an ink ribbon or if they had some money they might have had the latest technology. When a candidate wanted a job they rang me from an […]

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Innovation in recruiting Part Two – Big data

Posted by

We have heard it mentioned time and time again, the future of recruiting lies in big data. We throw the word around because, like mobile, it feels important. the most in demand positions in tech companies these days are data analysts. People who can make sense of all these numbers, and turn them into infographics […]

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