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Tony Restell

Tony is the Founder of and helps candidates and recruiters leverage social media. Having spent the last 15 years serving the recruitment industry, Tony is a frequent guest speaker on the ever-changing jobs market and how both candidates and recruiters must adapt in order to thrive. A published author and Cambridge graduate, you’re welcome to reach out to Tony on @tonyrestell

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Tony Restell

Posted by Tony Restell

How to Write Automated Responses that Engage Candidates

Posted by

Searching for a new job is stressful, even for the most experienced candidates. Add to that, a failure to communicate and process-oriented language, and that stress can turn into disengagement very quickly. In this guide, I’ve broken down the hiring process into 5 key stages and will share some tips for writing automated responses that […]

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How to Write Compelling Job Adverts Vs. Intimidating Job Descriptions

Posted by

If your eyes glaze over whilst reading through your job descriptions, then it’s likely that the candidates who see your job postings are skimming over them as well. Bulleted lists that cover every ideal requirement for the position may feel reassuring as an HR professional—knowing that the document is well-thought out and thorough—but as soon […]

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