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Remy Verhoeven

Remy is CEO and Co-founder of He is responsible for everything product related. He spends most of his time with contact with customers and our development organisation to bring the both worlds together in one refreshingly easy to use recruitment system.

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Remy Verhoeven

Posted by Remy Verhoeven

Don’t let software make you suffer at work

Posted by

Closing the gap between consumer and business software – is the most important task for software developers ahead. The wonderfully designed apps and software people are using at home set new critical standards for business software. Why should you suffer at work, while you know from your own experience that user friendly software is largely […]

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What’s the relation between The Big Bang Theory and a your employee referral program?

Posted by

Employee referral is the oldest and arguably the best way to attract candidates. Even Julius Caesar used an employee referral program to recruit new soldiers. And from the break of civilisation until quite recently, employee referral was one of the very few ways a company could recruit new staff. A few months ago I attended […]

Read more drops support on IE8 for the benefit of new features

Categories: News.
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At we are pursuing our vision of a next generation recruitment platform. With everything we do, we focus on providing the best possible user experience. We therefore decided that we cannot guarantee this experience to customers who are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. This basically means we won’t continue to build […]

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