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Corporate recruiting for SMBs

Categories: Case studies.

???????????????????????????????Nowadays, it ‘s not only about finding the right candidate for the job, but it’s also about finding someone who fits the company. iRecruit helps small and medium businesses save time and money by offering them corporate recruiting services based on a good relationship and understanding. With customers such as Van Halteren Infra, Tristar, Netmatch and SoftTech, the recruiters of iRecruit have reputable skills to deliver prominent recruitment services to SMBs.

The problem with recruitment at SMBs

SMBs put a great time, effort and money in recruiting new staff, whether this is done by the companies themselves or by outsourcing their recruitment services to external agencies. By recruiting with their own effort, companies lose much time on finding the right candidate with a great uncertainty of succeeding in it. When companies outsource their recruitment, they receive a number of selected resumes based on their job requirements without knowing whether these candidates fit the company. They still have to do a lot of the recruitment process themselves, without knowing if the candidates who weren’t introduced to them would fit better with the company.

In-house recruitment as a service

By applying the corporate working method to the recruitment process of SMBs, these companies benefit of having the advantages of a corporate recruiter without having one on the payroll. The idea is to hire a corporate recruiter for one vacancy, more vacancies or for the broad recruitment activities. This recruiter not only builds up a relationship with the company but also keeps in mind the added value of the hire over the long term.

“When we get new ideas and insights, we will propose them to our customers when we think it will help to improve their recruitment process. This way we not only add extra value to filling up the particular vacancy but also the whole recruitment process of our customers.”     

                                                                                         – Ralph Boymans – co-founder of iRecruit

Transparency is key

By using’s free Applicant Tracking System, the recruiters of iRecruit can structure the recruitment process for one or more applications. The customer of iRecruit gets access to and has full access and visibility in the recruitment progress. Where the customer can focus on the qualifications for the job, the recruiter will focus on the match with the company on the long term. Together, they can go through the recruitment process until the right candidate is found and hired. Together they interview the candidates.

More results for fewer costs

Instead of paying a percentage of the hire’s salary to recruiting agencies afterwards, or hire an interim recruiter on a day rate, in case of iRecruit companies pay a fixed fee beforehand. No matter how difficult recruiting the right candidate may be, the recruiters of iRecruits will take the extra mile to find that candidate. Companies will get the candidate, who not only fits the job requirement but also will match the companies. This will not only save companies on their cost for hire on the short term, but also at the long term.

“We will go that extra mile for our customers to find the most suitable candidate for them. We will not stop until the customer is happy.”     

                                                                                          –  Ralph Boymans – co-founder of iRecruit


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Do you want to know more about iRecruit and their mission to improve the SMB recruitment process? Contact Ralph Boymans. is the free online recruitment software for those companies who want to maximize their recruitment efforts. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system.

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