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FAQ discontinuation Qandidate

Five years ago, was founded and was seen as a true disruptor within the ATS market. Moving forward, we’re now at a point we need to discontinue our services and offer you a better solution. This FAQ will answer all your questions about the discontinuation of Qandidate, the SmartRecruiters product and how you can migrate your data from Qandidate to SmartRecruiters.

Shutdown Schedule

October 29 – General announcement to all users
November 15 – Qandidate will reach out to admin users to migrate all candidates, jobs, and users into SmartRecruiters
1st of January – ATS is offline

Everything about

Why will stop to exist?

Five years ago, was founded and was seen as a true disruptor within the ATS market. Moving forward, we’re now at a point we need to discontinue our services and offer you a better solution.

After carefully assessing the best alternatives out there, we are happy to announce that you will be able to migrate to our strategic partner SmartRecruiters.

What happens with my data if I do nothing?

Your data will be stored up until the 1st of January, 2019. After this date, your data is no longer available and will be deleted.

Do I have to switch to SmartRecruiters myself?

No. As per November 15th we will help you to migrate to SmartRecruiters. In case you decide not to transfer to SmartRecruiters but do want to keep your data, you will receive a download of all your records. Please submit your request via our support team.

When will my account and page be deactivated?

Your account and page will be deactivated as of 1st of January, 2019.

I have a job that ends on January 1, 2019. Can I keep it in until that date?

Yes, but we strongly advise you to unpublish them soon after the migration so customers will work with one system only. All pages will go offline on the 1st January 2019 even if you don’t migrate.

Will I be able to access my data after January 1, 2019?

Yes, but only on request and not via anymore. Your data will be available until the end of January.

I would like to receive an export of all my data. (including or excluding attachments)

We will offer a functionality in to download all your data from the 15th of November.

What happens with my Has-jobs/Heeft-vacatures page?

Your account and page will be deactivated by the 1st of January, 2019. If you choose to migrate to SmartRecruiters, you can create a new career page which you can tailor to your specific needs.

Everything about SmartRecruiters

Why should I choose SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is a modern platform which is highly scalable and enterprise ready (other modern providers remain unproven in large deployments). They can support national, international and global deployments with ease.

SmartRecruiters’ user experience is ‘best in class’ and they maintain its ease of use despite widening the scope of the solution. This ensures adoption and high conversation rates from candidates.

SmartRecruiters are an ‘open’ platform meaning customers can use their public APIs for integrations (for more details please visit: and third parties can easily integrate with us. Please see SmartRecruiters’ Marketplace of pre-integrated partners here.

SmartRecruiters offers a free product (SmartStart) and a paid product (SmartRecruit). Here’s a comparison between both product plans.

Do I have to pay for using SmartRecruiters?

This depends on the amount of jobs that you create. We will migrate your account to SmartStart and set the status of all your jobs as “inactive”.

If you have less than 10 job openings active at the same time, you can use the SmartStart product forever free.

If you need more than 10 concurrent open jobs, you may purchase the paid product called SmartRecruit. SmartRecruiters prices typically depend on the organisation size (per employee). and SmartRecruiters will offer you a 50% discount.

Here you can find an overview of all the differences between SmartStart and SmartRecruit.

Does SmartRecruiters provides a robust SLA for her services?

Yes. SmartRecruiters provide 99.9% uptime as well as response times and speed of application (page turns) in our SLA. For more information look here.

Where can I find information on how to use SmartStart?

Go to the SmartRecruiters Help Center

How can I reach SmartRecruiters support?

Log in to SmartStart and you can access all the information you need on how to use the product and reach customer support.

Is SmartRecruiters GDPR Compliant?

Yes, as of May 2018, SmartRecruiters is fully GDPR compliant. This means:

Candidate Portal features

  • Consent (opt in)
  • View their data
  • Withdraw applications
  • Download a copy of the data
  • Delete the entire profile

Automated Data Purging 
Read more about SmartRecruiters and GDPR here.

Can I set up an integration between VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform and SmartRecruiters?

Yes, at the start of 2019 VONQ and SmartRecruiters will offer an integration between VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform and the SmartRecruiters products.

What is the flow of SmartRecruiters for handling applicants?

This flow is completely configurable.

What’s the minimum contract term?

SmartStart is forever. Paid plans have a minimum is 12 months; typical contract length is 2-3 years. SmartRecruiters has a 98% retention rate.

What’s a typical implementation period?

For customers using the free version, implementation is self-serve and can be done in a matter of hours. For enterprise customers using the paid version, it’s typical about 4 weeks.

Are there some example customers?

SmartRecruiters has 4,000 customers across the globe. SMB to large Enterprise. In the Netherlands we have Inter IKEA Group in Delft, Wehkamp the eCommerce company, JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts) to name a few. Globally Bosch is the largest customer with over 400,000 employees.

How big is SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters has 4000+ customers and 200 employees.

Where is SmartRecruiters hosted?

SmartRecruiters is hosted in Frankfurt on the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

How does SmartRecruiters price?

SmartRecruiters typically prices on the organisation size (per employee). This will enable unlimited users up to the employee count for the organisation (recruiters, hiring managers, employees, agency access).

What kind of options does SmartRecruiters offer in terms of career pages?

There are three options:

  1. Simple Web link: Use SmartRecruiters CMS to build a simple careers microsite, with banner, video, images and text
  2. Embed Job Widget: Embed the SmartRecruiters job search and listing into an existing company careers page
  3. You can also leverage the SmartRecruiters API as an add-on once you purchase SmartRecruit: Use the jobs API from SmartRecruiters and have full flexibility on how you integrate into your careers pages and Apply API for complete control of application

Here you can find more detailed information about career pages at SmartRecruiters.

Migrate to SmartRecruiters

Click here to read the exact instructions on how to migrate your data from Qandidate to SmartRecruiters. Please read these 10 points before starting with the migration:

  1. Only Qandidate users with administrator rights can migrate.
  2. You can only migrate if you have a SmartStart account at SmartRecruiters. Click here to create an account.
  3. You can start migrating your data from Thursday 15 November at 2 PM (14:00) CET. From this day on, you can migrate your data at any given moment, up until December 31 2018.
  4. You can only migrate your data once!
  5. Your users, candidates (with attachments, without notes) and jobs can be all migrated to SmartRecruiters.
  6. We strongly advise you to first set up your SmartRecruiters account and only migrate your data on the day that you want to switch from using Qandidate to SmartRecruiters.
  7. Don’t forget that all your jobs in Qandidate will be set as inactive in SmartStart. You need to activate these yourself in SmartStart.
  8. Don’t forget to set up redirects and link to your new career page at SmartRecruiters.
  9. SmartStart allows you to create multiple career pages in case you have multiple brands but you can only have one SmartStart account linked to your email address (domain).
  10. Qandidate will cease to exist as of January 1st.

Can I migrate now and also again in a few months time when I have new applicants in

No, you can not migrate multiple times because data might not be in sync which might cause unexpected behaviour in the SmartRecruiters environment.

What happens with the filter questions that I have set for my vacancies?

SmartRecruiters does not offer this functionality. Questions will not be migrated due to incompatibility (differences in how this is handled in and the options SmartRecruiters offer.

Migration of data

VONQ will fully support you with the migration with assistance of SmartRecruiters. You can migrate: all jobs, candidates and users. Only admin users have the ability to perform the migration.

What happens to the open listings and campaigns that were purchased through the webshop and the Job Marketing Platform?

We’re not supporting this and for running campaigns we need to manually change running campaigns.

Will all notes and attachments be imported in SmartRecruiters?

Attachments will be migrated, but notes will not.

What happens to my Talentpool?

Candidates in the talent pool will be migrated. SmartRecruiters offers “tags” which can be tied to candidate profiles and are readily exposed in the API and are searchable in the system. You could add one or more tags to each candidate who’s in a talentpool.

Will my Google Analytics code be migrated as well to SmartRecruiters?

No, all tracking including cookies need to be implemented by SmartRecruiters on customer request.

What will happen to my job openings and the applicants?

All job openings will be migrated, but will get the unpublished status in SmartRecruiters. Customers need to put job openings only manually in SmartRecruiters. The allows you to choose which jobs should be actively published.

Can I choose which applicants will be migrated? (GDPR)

All candidates will be migrated. You can manage applicant profiles once they’re in SmartRecruiters.

I already have a SmartRecruiters account, how can I migrate?

Inform via support and we will make sure that the data is migrated to the right account.

What happens to the accounts that are not administrator users?

The admin can migrate all users and send new invites from SmartRecruiters, but it’s up to the admin to do so.

I have an integration between a job feed and my career site, what now?

For SmartRecruit (paid plan), you may use the Postings API from SmartRecruiters and have full flexibility on how you integrate into your careers pages and Application API for complete control of application.

How do I set up a redirect to the SmartRecruiters career page?

Reach out to your marketing and/or IT team to set up a redirect.

How do I obtain API keys?

Learn how to obtain or renew your API keys here. is the free online recruitment software for those companies who want to maximize their recruitment efforts. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system.

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