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Meet Willem-Jan! Our newest team member

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Today we introduce you our newest member of the team. Please meet Willem-Jan. Willem-Jan joins our development team and will use all his skills and knowledge to make even better, friendlier and faster.

Meet Willem-Jan

Hi, I am Willem-Jan. Programing is a hobby that grew into a passion. Next to my daily work, I also try to contribute to the open source community by working through GitHub on various projects or by sharing small projects or snippets of code with the community. This way, I constantly try to develop myself; regardless of the focus and technology I have at work.

When I’m not in the office or working, I like to spent time with my wife, Jacomine, by watching movies, biking or going for a walk. I love photography and the nature. In the evening I like to continue with programming in one of the open source communities or spent time on one of my hobbies.


A half a year ago, I started to search for a new challenge. The assignments I received from my previous employer started to become less challenging and more repetitive. This made me feel like I needed something new and exciting. During one of the PHP user group meetings in Rotterdam I met Alexander, Frits-Jan and Sander, who made me aware of the vacancy at I was really enthusiastic and quickly applied for the job. I’m happy to be part of the team now.

What would you like to achieve at

At, I hope to learn something new every day, by working with a bunch of smart brains on nice projects. It’s my goal to look for smart new techniques and solutions for all the ideas and features, which we have in mind for our users. is the free online recruitment software for those companies who want to maximize their recruitment efforts. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system.

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