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5 properties you must have to be a successful modern recruiter

Categories: Best practice and Tips & tricks.

As a recruiter you have many capacity, you are versatile but recruitment in 2015 is completely different than 10 years ago. Enough reasons for a summary with the properties you must have to be a modern recruiter to make the difference in a creative and scientific way.

1. The empathic of a matchmaker

You know as no other how to connect in your (online) networks. With the experience and knowledge of Human Resource in combination with knowledge of human nature and business culture, you will find the right candidate.

Difference recruitment 2005-2015

The biggest gap between recruitment in 2015 and 2005 is the rise of online and social media. Back in 2005 the recruiter was sourcing for candidates in his own physical network. Right now in 2015 you are busy extending your network on social media, mainly on LinkedIn to find the ideal candidate.

2. Resourceful as a marketeer

A recruiter sees his profession in the same way as a marketeer. There is a difference: a recruiter is sourcing for the right candidate in his organisation and a marketer is looking for the right customer. Both professionals exactly know how to connect with the audience by storytelling. Linkedin The Netherlands researched this subject by asking respondents if matching candidates is more and more similar to marketing. 62 percent of the respondents agreed.

Difference recruitment 2005-2015

Marketing is not indispensable in recruitment. How different was this 10 years ago? With smart online marketing tools you can source all over the world for candidates. Think about sourcing on LinkedIn, keeping your pipeline and talentpools up to date in your ATS, linke and checking data in Google Analytics.

Thereby are many possibilities to seduce your candidate to visit your career site.

3. The conviction of a talent advisor

You know how to advise companies about their business and how you can fit in the right candidate in the organisation and their goals. You can convince a client hiring the ideal talent. This means you can manage your own recruitment process, by buying a ATS and no longer needing a recruitment agency to help you find the candidate you are looking for.

Difference recruitment 2005-2015

The online possibilities are extended in the past 10 years. This is the main reason why you can work as quick and efficient as possible. Convince a whole Human Resource staff of your recruitment marketing strategy with a outstanding presentation. Forget the outdated flip overs. You can substantiate your argument with the benchmarking and prove the candidate journey of a specific target group.

4. Analytic skills of a data nerd

As a modern recruiter you are data driven. This means you are busy with benchmarking and tracking data related to candidates. You must know which channels your ideal candidates visits and what his journey is before applying. On the basis of data tracking you can set up your recruitment strategy for the coming years, you know what your labor requirement is and how much you can save on the cost per hire.

Difference recruitment 2005-2015

Recruitment is data. To be data driven as a recruiter you be ahead of your competitors. You have all the analytic data to make the candidate journey as clear as possible. In this manner you know exactly which media channels you should use to reach the right candidate. In 2005 there were a lot of candidates who applied by sending a apply letter. They found the job advert in their local mail, papers and journals. Recruiters also confirmed the apply by mail.

5. The commercial drive of a sales talent

You know how to manage a pipeline, you can close deals with candidates and customers as well. You can generate leads for the sales operations. A recruiter in 2015 has the commercial skills and sees the opportunity to collaborate with other department to realize the goals of the organisation.

Difference recruitment 2005-2015

The organisation goals are the goals of every single employee, just like you. Although you are not a sales advisor, you feel the responsibility taking every opportunity to hire new candidates and new customers as well. Recruitments core business in 2005 was more to find hires and was supporting the Human Resource department.

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