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Now on Facebook new release on 30th of january

Categories: Product releases.

Be excited, be very excited! On January the 30th we will be releasing an upgrade for, the free recruitment system, to all current users.  Two weeks later all other companies will have access to the upgraded system. So… one of our original current users, apart from a fresh new look what other new functionality can you expect to see? Candidate profile

Summary of changes to make you recruit happier :-)

1)     Ability to upload vacancies yourself
No more hassle sending job specs to VONQ. Anytime, anywhere, you can now upload jobs in minutes.  Vacancies are also saved so you can copy them for similar future roles.

2)     Filter question upgrade
As well as the ability to add filter questions, we have increased the variety of questions you can ask to not only include multiple choice, range and killer questions, but open informative questions too

3)      Micro-site Customization
For months you have been reaping the benefits of our search engine optimised micro-sites that display your vacancies.  Well now, you can easily customise your micro-site.

4)       Adjustable candidate data
You now have the ability to alter contact information and candidate details from existing applicants

5)       New search functionality
Throughout the system you can now take advantage of ‘elastic search’.  This means you can easily find the candidates you need simply by dragging a cursor to easily alter the ranges of application criteria. Above all: it saves your search results

2013 – The Year of Happy Recruiting :-)
So there you have it, but it doesn’t end there. You can expect more upgrades during 2013, we will keep you informed via our newsletters and Linkedin updates. is the free online recruitment software for those companies who want to maximize their recruitment efforts. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system.

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