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3 tips for not losing candidates in your hiring process

Categories: Tips & tricks.

Everything stands or falls with good progress in your hiring process. All you want as a recruiter is that your ideal candidate can apply in a fast and efficient way. But what if this process isn’t working that way? What is the main purpose in your hiring process? How to not lose your candidates?

Your hiring process has to be optimized in a way a candidate can apply easily. Think of the applications to fill in an apply form and the possibility to attach a CV. The applicant wants to apply quickly and doesn’t want to receive a cheap automated email as a confirmation or rejection.

Thereby candidates apply more often via their smartphone or tablet. The expected application time of recruiters will not always reflect the actual time spent by the candidate to the job.

1. Optimize the application form

Careerbuilder investigated the time of hire considering candidates and recruiters experience. This investigation proved that 60 percent of the responded candidates completed their apply in two weeks or even longer. This because of the duration of the process or just because they find it too complicated to complete. Not all candidates complete their apply immediately.

The candidate experience doesn’t match the recruiter’s expectations. This is evident from the survey of Careerbuilder. 50 percent of the surveyed recruiters thinks that their hiring process delivers mainly qualified candidates and filters bad hires.

The apply (filling in the form and sending the apply form) takes more time than is expected by recruiters. Almost half of the recruiters (49 percent) thinks the time to apply is between 11 and 30 minutes. 38 percent of the candidates says it took at least 30 to 60 minutes to complete the apply and to send the form. 56 percent says they rather complete the process in 11 to 30 minutes. According to the candidates filling in the apply form is taking too long.

2. Get your career site mobile ready

According to the survey of Careerbuilder, 9 out of 10 candidates in the US is sourcing for jobs via mobile. Only 44 percent of the surveyed candidates applies via mobile. Since April 2015 Google gives website that are not responsive penalties. If your career site isn’t responsive, you will decline in the Google ranking. The challenge for you as a recruiter is to optimize your career site and apply forms on your career site. In this way candidates can apply easily via mobile devices. The function to attach a CV on a mobile career site is very often still missing. Don’t use too much filter questions on the apply form. At we are currently working on careerpages, that are completely responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Read this article and learn more about mobile recruitment and how to optimize your recruiting process.

3. Communicate clearly with your candidates and keep them informed about your hiring process

Almost 9 out of 10 candidates likes to receive an automated response email of their apply. 40 percent of the surveyed candidates find the automated email impersonally. Prevent you happen impersonal and pay close attention to the confirmation emails and rejections and any other communication with your candidates. Small things can help, think of a brand image or a personally signed email.

Think about how you post your vacancies and test what is the candidate experience on the application form. Take a survey on candidates and ask about their thoughts about the during of the hiring process or organize a customer engagement team to analyze the candidate’s experiences and wishes. The study of Careerbuilder shows that the candidate experience often not matches the expectations of the recruiter. Thereby many career pages aren’t responsive and optimized for mobile use. An apply via mobile often fails.This is the main reason why a part of the candidates don’t finish their apply.

An another purpose is to keep personally contact with your candidates. 40 percent of the surveyed candidates find the automated email impersonally. The candidate experience can change if you keep your candidate informed about the status of your hiring process.

Do you want more information about how you can optimize your hiring process with Join one of the following webinars or send us an email via is the free online recruitment software for those companies who want to maximize their recruitment efforts. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system.

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