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Free? That’s right! is the free recruitment system for the corporate recruiters. Designed together with recruiters who were looking for a recruitment system that actually works.

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Yes, why would you still pay for software? Compare to the apps on your smartphone, or to tools such as Dropbox, Evernote and LinkedIn. We have created with the idea that you don’t have to pay for software you use, but only for the external services you would like to purchase. This creates the flexibility to define your own recruitment process, without paying for services you don’t want to use.

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As soon as you subscribe for’s free recruitment software you can directly start with your recruitment activities. is not limited in use. Add an unlimited amount of users, create vacancies and save an unlimited amount of applications in your talentpool.

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All features offers are free and unlimited in use. Create your vacancies, brand you career site, set-up filter questions, make use of the automated email templates, manage your candidates and invite them for your talentpool. Additionally comes with a recruitment campaign webshop that gives you the opportunity to purchase additional external vacancy placements.