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Media webshop Organize your work Out-of-the-box career site

Media webshop

Need more publicity for your vacancy? selects the most effective media channels for you at the best prices. Get a completely customized campaign within 24 hours online with just one click.

Organize your work

Application, invitation, rejection – every phase requires specific tasks. automatically adds them to your to-do list and appointments are neatly organized in your agenda. All easily accessible via your dashboard.

Out-of-the-box career site

Give your vacancies a head start with a free out of the box career site. Get your vacancies online in just a few clicks on your very own career site. This site can be branded to your company branding and is of course optimized for search engines.

Candidate management Talent pool Screening questions

Candidate management

Control all applications in one place, no matter where you’re advertising. With filters, candidate reviews, notes and email templates available to you, you are able to create one complete candidate profile in one single place.

Talent pool

Do you have multiple qualified candidates for the same job? Increase your talent pool with Save candidates to your talent pool for later and match them with future job openings.

Screening questions

Create your own screening and filter questions to enhance your selection process. Add screening questions to your application form to receive additional information from candidates for matching and filtering.

Full overview Organize your files Smart dashboard

Full overview provides you with realtime updates of all your company recruitment reports in perfect infographics. Make use of the smart search options. Simply click through to the detailed information.

Organize your files

Add job vacancies effortlessly and quickly. Receive all applications in one place and create for each candidate a secure and complete candidate profile. Managing your vacancies has never been this easy.

Smart dashboard

Have a full overview of your recruitment operations in just a blink of an eye. Have your recruitment process conveniently arranged on one single page. All important information nicely structured on your dashboard.